Aerial view of Lagos city waterside roads and buildings

Lagos is Nigeria and West Africa’s commercial capital and entertainment hub. This status comes with climate challenges ranging from waste disposal, pollution, and other human activities that leave the ecosystem vulnerable to the impact of climate change.


#LetOurLagosBreathe. #DontSoffocateUs 


This periodic campaign seeks to draw awareness to human activities that contribute to increasing the impact of Climate Change on our environment. It leverages the fact that we all love to do or be seen as doing the right thing to appeal to the emotions of the Lagos populace to eschew activities that are unfriendly to the climate.


Piggybacking on the viral lingo, “Let the poor breathe”, the campaign seeks to codify climate-friendly behaviour into a simple idea of collective social responsibility. Our aim is to foreground various anti-climate actions people engage in during human and commercial activities and replace those actions with climate-friendly ones, guilt-tripping people who will act otherwise to be part of those “suffocating” Our Lagos -doing the wrong thing!


“Our Lagos” here is a metaphor for our collective heritage and prosperity; hence, attempts and actions against its climate suffocate it, and climate-friendly actions will mean giving it a new breath of life for now and future generations.