About the Y3Cs

The Young Climate Champions Club (Y3Cs) is an Initiative of the Lagos State Office of Climate Change and Circular Economy (OCCE) designed to instill climate awareness in primary and junior secondary school students in Lagos through hands-on extra-curricular activities.

The program also seeks to leverage the positive influence of children on parents and adults to engender climate-friendly behaviors in homes and local communities in Lagos State.

OCCE recognizes that to reach our state’s ambitious target of Net Zero by 2050 and preserve the earth for our collective prosperity, education and enlightenment are very important not just for their awareness value but for developing skills and competencies that can reduce, reuse, and recycle waste; and convert them into economic value through sustainable circular systems.

Our Ambition

The Y3Cs Project will reach 500,000 students and reduce carbon emissions by 10m kg in Lagos over the next four years. We plan to, through hands-on extracurricular activities, collect premium plastic waste and, over time, have plastic collection points across all the schools in Lagos State.

Key Programme Pillars
  1. School Club Meetings: Working with the Ministry of Education and other relevant MDAs, the program will be added to the list of school extracurricular activities clubs. Students of the clubs will be exposed to a well-designed curriculum, study tours, excursions, etc, that progressively develop their awareness of the subject and eventually turn them into climate change advocates in their homes and immediate communities.
  1. Competition: Participating schools will also be exposed to a state-wide competition programme that will range from debates, essays, quizzes, and other engaging competitions that could increase interest and entrench the required behavior and habit in students and their communities.
  1. Boot Camps and Project Exhibitions: Summer boot camps and project exhibitions that seek to identify talents and encourage circular innovation in students. Proceeds from sales, grants and donations from these camps will be used to further drive change in the communities of the winning schools.
  1. Community Services: Students of the Y3Cs will have community days when they go into local communities and carry out climate-friendly actions.

How to Partner with us

  1. Donation: Make periodic donations to support the smooth running and attractiveness of the Y3Cs clubs in schools. Such donation goes into teacher training, learning materials, community services, and project development.
  1. Sponsorship: Sponsor any of our annual competitions and boot camps with rewards and prizes that encourage the participation of more schools and more students. Also, community services in areas of interest could be sponsored. For example, a beverage company can sponsor community engagement and service in the collection of waste plastics, etc.
  1. Volunteering: Individuals, groups, organizations, etc. can encourage employee volunteering to mentor or engage in community with students. You can also volunteer your facilities for study tours, excursions, etc which could increase the practical knowledge of the students.
  1. Procurement: Commit to procuring premium materials collected by students to encourage them