Lagos Office of Climate Change & Circular Economy Launches Yuletide Campaign, tagged #LetOurLagosBreathe

The Lagos State Government Office of Climate Change and Circular Economy (OCCE) has launched a Yuletide awareness campaign, tagged #LetOurLagosBreathe. According to Titi Oshodi, Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Climate Change & Circular Economy, the campaign aims to highlight different activities that people engage in during the Yuletide period and demonstrate how these activities impact the environment.

She furthered that the theme of the campaign, #LetOurLagosBreathe, seeks to spotlight Lagos as a collective heritage that must be protected with pride by all Lagosians. “And knowing that December is the season that comes with an attendant increase in energy consumption, waste accumulation and carbon emissions; all of which pose a threat to our environment and exacerbate the risk of climate change, we owe it a responsibility to the Net zero vision of our dear governor, to raise awareness” Oshodi explained.

According to her, Lagos is the global hub of what is now known as “Detty December”, the Yuletide season that witnesses millions of Lagosians engaging in various activities to unwind and celebrate their holidays. She explained that the three highest carbon-emitting sectors of Lagos – energy, waste, and transportation – are critical to the Yuletide period; explaining that people consume more energy, produce more waste, and travel more during the period. “So our campaign underscores the significance of responsible citizen actions and highlights the environmental consequences of unchecked waste accumulation and carbon-emitting activities,” she said.

She continued; “What we are doing with this campaign is highlighting the activities, and providing climate-friendly alternatives to people. So as people enjoy themselves with friends and families, they also show the same love and affection to our earth”.

For us at OCCE, this is important because we believe the fight to combat climate change and harness the enormous economic opportunities is the responsibility of the people, businesses, and government of our state. What we are currently seeing is that people feel that Climate Change issues should be addressed by the government and institutions alone. That is a huge misconception that we have taken upon ourselves to correct and rally everyone behind the climate change advocacy”.

“Let our Lagos Breathe is a campaign that seeks to demonstrate that Lagos means a lot of things to all of us. So launching this campaign at this time of the year when activities around waste and emissions are high is just saying figuratively that the more we engage in these activities without recourse to its impact, it’s like choking a city that means so much to all of us”.

“In a way, it’s one mantra we want every to adopt in curtailing unfriendly climate practices this season. So when you see someone who’s disposing of waste inappropriately, you can tell the person; ‘Let our Lagos Breathe’, she noted.

The campaign serves as a call to action for individuals and communities to prioritize the well-being of Lagos, fostering a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment for current and future generations.

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