Keynote Address of Mr. Governor at the ECOnomy Lagos Launch. Delivered by Honorable Commissioner, Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget, Mr. Ope George


I am honored to join you at the inaugural stakeholders’ session of the Office of Climate Change and Circular Economy. The theme – “The Economy of Lagos: Opportunities, Challenges, and Unblocking Strategies” – is particularly timely and crucial as we navigate the ever-evolving social, economic, and environmental landscape of our dear city.

Climate change and the need for a circular economy are no longer distant concerns; they are present realities that demand immediate and decisive action. Lagos, a vibrant and dynamic megacity, is not immune to these challenges. 

Because we are a coastal city and one of the most immediate impacts of climate change is sea-level rise, we are witnessing the increasing impacts of climate change, from extreme weather events to resource scarcity and pollution.

The good news is that we also have an opportunity to address these challenges and unlock a more sustainable and prosperous future for Lagos. By embracing a circular economy, we can move away from the traditional “take-make-dispose” model and towards a system that maximizes resource efficiency, minimizes waste, and promotes environmental responsibility.

Realizing the immense benefits inherent in transitioningto a circular economy, in July 2023, this administration launched the Circular Economy Hotspot in Lagos and pioneered the transformation of the current production order towards regeneration and sustainability. We have seen a rejuvenation of a hitherto slow green sector that now has new jobs and businesses created by fresh investment in innovative technologies and infrastructure for waste management, resource recovery, and empowered entrepreneurs who are developing sustainable businesses.

We are optimistic that It will also boost economic competitiveness by optimizing resource use and reducing waste, thereby lowering operational costs for businesses and enhancing their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

As a government, we will ensure that we develop and implement policies and regulatory framework that will make our full transition to a circular economy as easy as possible and overcome existing barriers. 

We will also continue to raise public awareness and educate stakeholders about the benefits of the circular economy and its potential to address environmental and economic challenges, promote innovation and research to develop solutions tailored to the specific context of Lagos, as well as advocate for significant investments required to develop the necessary infrastructure, technologies, and capacity building initiatives to support a circular economy transition by partnering with the private sector.

Collaboration among government, businesses, civil society organizations, and individuals is crucial to drive the collective action and accelerate the transition.

The Office of Climate Change and Circular Economy has a critical role to play in collaboration with other relevant MDAs and private sector stakeholders in facilitating the process towards addressing the challenges of climate change while also harnessing the opportunities to drive a more sustainable and prosperous Lagos. 

This inaugural stakeholders’ session is a testament to our recognition of the need for a collective action in order to achieve the desired outcome. By working together, we can unlock the immense potential of the circular economy, create a more resilient and competitive city, and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

I will therefore enjoin you all to examine all the relevant issues and come up with innovative and workable ideas that can be integrated into government policies, strategies and programs.

I thank you for listening and wish you fruitful deliberations.

Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu 

Governor of Lagos State

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